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    Some people change the way you see the world.

    1. September 2016

    Some people just leave a mark – by what they say and what they do. It doesn´t always have to be something groundbreaking, it can be a way of life, a way of style, a way of attitude. An article, a photo, a magazine, a film, a project or a product.

    But the way these people do what they do and, most important, why they´re doing it, makes all the difference. To me and maybe also to you.

    It just strikes a chord when I feel that someone is driven by something more, something special. By passion, by necessity or just curiousity. By just doing what they love and what´s important to them. They have found their life purpose and you can feel it.

    Long story short – I want to get to know some of these amazing people and I´m beyond honoured to share their stories on my blog with you. So stay tuned, the first story and interview will be on the blog tonight and we´ll travel to New York City.