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“I pass on the trust that is given to me.” Elisabeth Weber, Creative Director

18. July 2017

#Mygreateststrength I Distinctive, creative designs, always to the point and sometimes with a wink – this is Elisabeth and her agency ellijot in Nuremberg which she manages together with her partner Johannes Prein. I follow ellijot for a long time on Instagram and always fall in love with their designs. And when a lucky coincidence brought Elisabeth and me together on the same BLOGST thread (Thank you, BLOGST!), I took the opportunity and asked Elli about her greatest strength. And got goose bumps when reading her answer. Thank you, Elli, for your wonderful attitude and your words.

“My greatest strength has less to do with a certain feeling than with my general attitude to life.

My first internship has paved the way for me. I was fortunate that my first boss, Karola, gave me confidence and time when I first dipped my toe into the agency world. I was allowed to read everything, take a look at everything, and keep off each employee from working to inquire what interested me.

Today, Im a partner in a communications office myself and have put trust as the highest ´asset of my work on a pedestal. We do not work for but with companies. And for the period of our cooperation I am part of this special team. To me it´s all about creating a valuable result for the company. And what would a brochure be without pleasent photos, honest, convincing texts and a paper texture that feels great? Right – absolutely nothing. That is why we work with great creatives who make every project even better.

In every procect I always explain: We create a briefing after several conversations. A briefing, however, is only a directional information, a coarse framework. But if you hire a professional photographer, copywriter, printer or developer, you don´t pay that person for doing what you say. You hire a pro, a specialist to create something new, something that you may not even have thought of and which you couldn´t have created by yourself.

I pass on the trust that is given to me and I give other creatives ample scope to enjoy their work and to achieve results that will make all of us happy and be of use to all of us. I shake my head in astonishment about the dog-eat-dog mentality in some companies. In my world this just wouldn´t work.”

Photo by Claudia Gödke.

Portraitfoto of Elisabeth Weber by Markus Schuster









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