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“I found several things which fulfill my everyday life.” Luisa Beck, Blogger und Blogger Relations Manager

28. March 2017

Colorful, creative, wonderfully optimistic. Simply inspiring. Luisa Beck, better known as “Lu”, is a blogger (“Luloveshandmade“) and blogger relations manager at the DIY market place DaWanda. Her creativity runs like a colorful thread through her life. And of course, her greatest strength has something to do with it.

“Dear Sonja,

this is really a great question, because it fosters self-reflection and forces to be proud. That’s something I really appreciate and most people don’t do that as much as neccessary.

I think my biggest strength is to encourage others and to inspire the people around me. I am really enthusiastic most of the time, I am super curious, try out new things and constantly want to gain further knowledge. I found several things which completely fulfill my desires and my everyday life – among others, DIY, handlettering and networking – and this enthusiasm is really infectious. My biggest strength is in any case my ability to drag my pals and the followers of my blog along and to make them excited as well.

Most of all, I think it’s extremely important to share inspiration and knowledge. Instead of being jealous, being over-protective concerning one’s own content and ideas and instead of fighting alone, we all should more often talk about our success stories, should empower each other and share our knowledge and our experiences. And no, we do not educate and lift up our competitors this way so that we are disadvantaged ourselves, we rather win side by side and are all wiser in the end.

To build up a powerful network consisting of other (creative) people is extremely helpful in overcoming obstacles and to help each other out in difficult situations. Someone will always be able to provide the right solution. When you are willed to share your knowledge and to get your hands dirty while helping others, you will constantly learn something new and be able to broaden your personal horizon. Perfect!

Always be open towards new impulses, find something which gives you joy, which triggers your curiosity, share your inspiration and your enthusiasm with the world and contribute to an enriching exchange between each other in order to become more courageous.

Have fun doing this!

Happy day,





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