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“My intuition gives me the sense of basic trust.” Maren Lunkenheimer, Coach & Mentor

6. June 2017

#Mygreateststrength I Maren Lunkenheimercoach, mentor, golden soul. To my mind Maren not only has one great strength, but several. One of them is: She´s a great listener. A talk with her resonantes. The pieces of the puzzle come together and the circle is completed. Suddenly, everything is light and clear and focused. And this again has a lot to do with her  greatest strength, her superpower:

“My superpower is definitely my intuition.

A feeling, an inner voice, a certain something within me that condenses details in a split second to the big picture and gives me a hint. As a concrete answer, as a feeling of a knowing certainty or the impulse of a direction.

In wild times – in the world, in my everyday life or in my heart – I´m in good terms with my intuition which gives me this sense of basic trust that all is well, even if the outer world isn´t. Because of this particular connection I am blessed with the gift of being able to sense what´s essential and what my soul really needs. This helps me to stay on top of things, sort and focus what´s really important to me. Plus what´s not – this I what I just let go.

What sounds like a blessing is a curse, too. To be able to hear that intuitive voice means to be particularly sensitive: all senses on stand by. And there is a lot going on – according to neuroscience we have 36 senses respectively sensory systems. And these are not only fully active for me and my situation but also for my environment. The best man of all always says I have a sixth sense.

I perceive on a very subtle, energetic level. Moods, thoughts & emotions. Constellations. In general & detailed. For me and for others. In the context of my work as a coach and mentor, this is simply wonderful.

But not being in resonance with everything that sets the world on fire is a constant exercise. That´s why I have become more sensitive to my energetic demarcation over the recent years.

Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next,” said the US-physician Jonas Salk, and that´s the way I see it, too: Use the intuition as a bridge. Connect the gut and the soul – aka our inner wisdom – with the head.

And if we act on that feeling – both on the large and small scale – and listen to our intuition, I´m sure, we will save the world.”


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