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20. February 2017

The world is changing. Can you feel it, too? Politically, but also socially. Implied rules that have existed for decades are suspended. Things we have taken-for-grantedness fall apart. But how should we react to this? Bury our head in the sand? Hit the panic button? Carry on regardless?

As for myself, I have found an answer: Get back to basics and concentrate on my strengths. Break out of my cozy comfort zone and do what I can do to make the world, if only on a small scale, a great place to live. One of my strengths is the ability to pull myself out of the swamp full of anxiety and self-doubt, again and again. Because giving up is just not an option.

I pull this off because there is always something that inspires me. People. Projects. Experiences. I read something and am so fascinated by the idea that my fear almost automatically backs out into a small dark corner at the back of my mind because there is literally no space anymore due to the force and enthusiasm that flows through my body.


Maybe you know that feeling, too. Maybe you, even if you want to be strong and courageous, have your weak and fearful moments. And maybe the thing that helps me through it, could be a guidance for you, too: Inspiration.


And this is why I came up with a new blog series, right here, starting tomorrow. Regularly I will ask inspiring women one single question:

What is your greatest strength, your superpower?

Because women, I think, have found a new solidarity in this social change. We become involved, we encourage and support each other. And maybe we now just realize what´s really important to us.

The answers are, of course, very personal and individual, but they all have something in common: They reveal that we are all vulnerable, that we all undergo hard times, but that every one of us has a strength, a superpower inside us that gets us through the fears, tears and bad times. And above all, that we are not alone.

I really hope you will like this and I´d love to hear your thoughts.



Photo by Katharina Küllmer.

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