Some people change the way you see the world.

Some people just leave a mark – by what they say and what they do. It doesn´t always have to be something groundbreaking, it can be a way of life, a way of style, a way of attitude. An article, a photo, a magazine,…

1. September 2016

Goodbye August, hello September!

Breathe the sea. Bathing the feet in the sand. Enjoying the sun. Go for photo walks. Discovering old and new beautiful places. That was me in August. After four relaxing, summery, inspirational, beautiful holiday weeks I’m back in the office and yes, I’ve actually…

31. August 2016

A summer ´s tale

Summer morning. A walk in the garden, with bare feet, the grass still cool and dewy. Picking some fresh peppermint, making the most delicious tea. Shopping in your own garden. Dark green zucchini, delicate peas, the first tomatoes , fragrant rosemary, aromatic sage. Cherries,…

25. July 2016

My mantra for 2016: Less is more

2015 was not easy: Too much work, too many demands, too much stress, too many thoughts. And then, inevitably: Too little time, too little fun, too few heart projects, far too little spontaneity. So I´ve made a decision: Nope. Not with me. Not this…

13. January 2016