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    Fein gedacht Interview Inspiration

    „It´s great to see something develop once you have taken the first step.“ “Fein gedacht”-Interview with Jessica Jungbauer, Best Wishes Magazine

    20. November 2014

    I love traveling and I love people and their stories – that´s why I´m an avid reader of Jessica Jungbauer´s “Best wishes Magazine“. Originally starting as a Berlin magazine, there are now nine “city chapters” , from Amsterdam to Tokyo where creative people tell their stories. A recent addition to the Magazine is Copenhagen. I talked to Jessica about how the idea for “Best Wishes Magazine” emerged, how everyone can be a part of it and what her favorite cities are.

    "Best Wishes Magazine"-Gründerin Jessica Jungbauer. Foto: Svenja Paulsen

    Jessica Jungbauer, Founder of “Best Wishes Magazine” . Photo: Svenja Paulsen

    Behind every good business idea is a well thought concept. Sometimes, however, it is also only a fortunate coincidence that leads to success. How about you, Jessica: How did “Best Wishes Magazine” emerge – with targeted planning or some coincidences?

    Jessica Jungbauer: Before I moved to Berlin to study, I had only heard about the international and inspiring life in Berlin. Suddenly I was right in the middle of it , from pop-up bakeries to living room concerts – every day there was and still is something new to discover. I often wondered why so many creative people lived here and what they loved about living in Berlin.

    Then it all happened very quickly: Though I had no idea if anyone would even respond to my mails, I received more and more stories from creative people like photographers, writers and café owners. “Best wishes from Berlin” was born! I always meet the people at their favourite place in the city to take the photos for the feature. As a result I see Berlin each time with different eyes and “Best Wishes Magazine” has become a very personal guide book.


    The magazines continues to grow, just last week you launched the Copenhagen chapter. How did you come up with the collaborations with the other cities and how can one participate as a reader or writer?

    Jessica Jungbauer: After about six months I got an email from a dear reader who wanted to take part. So I came up with the idea that you can simply transfer the concept to other cities. I´m very happy each time someone can identify with „Best Wishes Magazine“ and want to join in. We meet on Skype – and some of us have already met in „real life“ over a coffee. It is wonderful to see how something great can develop, just because you have taken the first step.

    A fairy godmother grant you three city wishes – where would you go and why?

    Jessica Jungbauer: Lisbon – because of the pastéis (delicious pastry tarts with custard), the light and the proximity to the sea – in a few weeks it is already happening!
    Tokyo – because I have never been there, but can´t get enough of the pictures of the cherry blossom season.
    San Francisco – the road trip on Highway 1 from San Francisco to Los Angeles is one of my favourite travel memories – but the upper section should also be very beautiful.

    Thank you so much for the interview, Jessica.

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