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    My mantra for 2016: Less is more

    13. January 2016


    2015 was not easy: Too much work, too many demands, too much stress, too many thoughts. And then, inevitably: Too little time, too little fun, too few heart projects, far too little spontaneity.

    So I´ve made a decision: Nope. Not with me. Not this year. For weeks I´m decluttering my house and brain, simplify, simplify and simplify again.

    So, here´s what I came up with, my „To do“ list I´ll stick to every day, making me breathe lighter – maybe it´s helpful for you, too?

    Focus on your strength and passion

    As for me it´s telling stories with and about people. Why are they doing what they doing, what makes them happy, what successful – these are my topics and my passion.

    Less is more.

    Yes, especially for us freelancers information and innovation is everything and being present, for example, on social media channels, is crucial. But the day only has 24 hours and you simply can´t do everything. Set priorities. And don´t forget the fun!

    If you’re stuck, ask for help.

    I admit: Asking for help has never been my strong point. I like to sort out my problems by myself but have learned that a loving and yet objective view from the outside works miracles.

    That being said: Wishing you a very happy year and don´t forget to breathe.