. Communication, differently .

I’ve been sharing my thoughts on Instagram for a while now. I never break any follower records, but that’s not the point. It’s a ritual to sit down on Friday afternoons and reflect: What was important this week? What has been on my mind?

For a long time, I considered this kind of writing detached from my work, like a hobby. Yes, writing is my job, but my words and topics there are so very different from my day-to-day writing.

Until, in the process of building my new website, I realized that sentence is wrong. Writing isn’t just my job, it’s my life. Through writing, I work things through, get to understand them, bring them out of the clutter of my head into a reasonably clear structure.

And that helps me. And from the reactions to my posts, I see it helps others too. And it reminds me why I chose my profession – writing as a journalist, author, consultant – almost exactly 30 years ago: I don’t just want to inform, I want to inspire. To initiate new ideas, to address things that might get short shrift.

And the kind of writing and topics here and on Instagram – they will align. Because I don’t like writing blogposts with the title “Authentic Communication”. That’s not me, and others can do that far better than I can.

And yet, that’s exactly what I write about.

How important it is, in every area of our lives, that we talk openly and honestly with each other.

That we admit fears, weaknesses, mistakes.

That we learn from them and continue to develop. Because it helps us all.