„Do business with your heart.“

Jurianne Matter, Designerin

I love the designs of dutch designer Jurianne Matter. Whether her beautiful paper products like the cute angels or her wishboats, her ceramic mugs or the great patterns of her towels. In the interview Jurianne told me how her label has emerged and why traditions are so important to her.

Designerin Jurianne Matter.
Designer Jurianne Matter.

Behind every good business idea there is a well thought concept. Sometimes, however, it is just a coincidence that leads to a new and successful business.

How about you, Jurianne? How did your business emerge?

Jurianne Matter: „No detailed and well thought concept and also no coincidence, the starting point of my Label was a combination of two other things: There was a nessecity to earn money to support my family and I had tons of ideas and designs laying on the shelves of my mind waiting to be produced. So in spring 2008 I grabbed my courage and started my label and – I tried to think big – a wholesale company. Somehow the designs struck a chord: paper, craft, rituals, traditions, nordic prints… it became an instant success.“

Where do you get inspiration?

Jurianne Matter: „First of all nature! Nature is my friend, and it never ever bores me. I see red berries, black branches, stripes in the landscape and funny structures in the moss… Everything can be translated to a colour palette, a shape or a graphic pattern.

What´s more important to you: Art or commerce?

Jurianne Matter: „Well, commerce is a necessity for me, I need to make a living! I ‘m always focused on my target group. The funny thing is: I am a member of my own target group. So I need to fall for the new design, head over heels.

Nevertheless: I still dream of making something big. No target groups, no price calculating, no production. Just one huge piece of art for no reason at all… complete freedom!“

Whats the best advice you’ve ever received?

Jurianne Matter: „Do business with your heart! Only then you can be authentic, honest, open and real.“

Thank you so much, dear Jurianne!

All photos by Jurianne Matter.